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  1. [HDdev.Sachka]

    Battle Jump Torunament - Updates

    To leave it's simple you have to go in "My Player Profil" after "Competitions" after you need just to clic on "leave"
  2. [HDdev.Sachka]

    Battle Jump Torunament - Updates

    Hello Svenson, I saw you were registered but you did not give a jump record do you still plan to participate or not?
  3. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev] Worldstar Fight 2vs2 - 100€ (In total CashPrize!)

    For the moment we have 16 of 16 teams registered ! Link:https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/58fa8e7e150ba0bc3c8b45a0/participants/ .fZ | freneticZ -v- | vENOMOUS CREW ~ | The wave qC. | Quebec Squad <k1nG> | Team King rMp. | Team Rampage ]h3[ Highend Gaming puzz* | Team Puzzle z2x* | Team z2x Finland <PWC> Players With Class Shokati Loul | Team Jumper Wild | Team wild Forge| The Forge f8`| Faithful Thank you for your participation ! Have Fun. [HDdev] Worldstar Fight – List of matches disclosed http://hddev-events.eu/index.php/2017/04/29/hddev-worldstar-fight-list-of-matches-disclosed/
  4. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev] Worldstar Fight 2vs2 - 100€ (In total CashPrize!)

    For the moment we have 5 of 16 teams registered ! Link: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/58fa8e7e150ba0bc3c8b45a0/participants/ freneticZ vENOMOUS CREW The wave ~ Quebec Squad <k1nG> Thank you for your participation ! Have Fun.
  5. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev] Worldstar Fight 2vs2 - 100€ (In total CashPrize!)

    Yes, it was planned for a while This is the cash prize of the Nation Cup
  6. There have been months since you heard about Sachka and his sponsor HDdev, but he’s still there to offer you more exciting events than ever on Urban Terror. After a complete overhaul of the team and the creation of a new site, he is now ready to invite you to the first edition of the Worldstar Fight 2vs2 Cup. So what do you expect to sign up for ? Come and sign up ! (The Cup will run between Monday 1 May and Wednesday 31 May). Registration opens on April 24 at 6 am (French Hour) : https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/58fa8e7e150ba0bc3c8b45a0/registration/ You can find all the information here: http://hddev-events.eu/index.php/worldstar-fight/ Please read THE RULES carefully before registering for the competition ! Keep in mind that you are there to have fun and have a good time. JOIN US : http://hddev-events.eu/
  7. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    I'm waiting for the end of the month because some people told me it was way too short and this cup is for fun so I agree
  8. [HDdev.Sachka]

    HDdev Frag Movie Contest

  9. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    There is delay.. i will wait a bit before closing
  10. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

  11. [HDdev.Sachka]

    ioURT.de Signatur

  12. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    You registered for the competition not against the website http://frag-movie-contest.ovh/register/
  13. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    Can you register on our website please.. i want add you to our group
  14. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    You can join the staff as a graphic designer if you wish ?
  15. [HDdev.Sachka]

    [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1

    Do you have just logo?